An African king baptized into the holy Orthodox Church

An African king traveled to Holy Mt. Athos recently to be baptized into the holy Orthodox Church.

The king was baptized by Hieromonk Dionysius of Koutloumousiou Monatery with the Christian name of David, reports the Union of Orthodox Journalists, with reference to the Facebook group “† Афон † Ἁγίου Ὄρους † Mount Athos †.

“Yesterday, we reported about the colorful personality at the Athonite port of Daphne. It turns out it was an African king (I don’t know which country he’s from). He came to the Holy Mountain to be baptized. The Mystery was celebrated by Hieromonk Dionysius of Koutloumousiou. His Christian name is David,” the Mt. Athos page reports.

Koutloumousiou Monastery is the sixth in the hierarchy of the 20 Athonite monasteries. It is located on the middle of the northeastern slope of the Holy Mountain, near the capital city of Karyes.

June 6, 2018