The Tale of the Dirty Donkey. Yulia Sysoeva


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Autors: Yulia Sysoeva
Publishing: Daniel Sysoev Inc
ISBN: 978-5-4279-0086-7
Approved for publication by the Publications Board of the Russian Orthodox Church:
Number of pages: 21
Format: 230x230 mm.
Year of issue: 2019


The little Tooth
The little Tooth and Sweets
The Tale of the Dirty Donkey
The Naughty Donkey

Book 3 from the “Be a Brilliant Child”

Sam the Donkey lives in the same town as Tom Tooth. The two are good friends. The little donkey hates to wash. One day he finally throws out the soap and the sponge, hurting their feelings, and begins lying to his mother. Soon the little donkey gets very sick. Who will save the donkey? How will he become clean and healthy once more? How will he get his friends back? Who can defeat the army of the evil microbe Fubus? Find out in The Tale of the Dirty Donkey.